Contract Research

We take pride in working with technology and marketing partners to develop new product or technology. Our core expertise is in fermentation but we also have experience in downstream processes and in recombinant technologies. Feel free to reach out to us on if you are interested in working with us.

Well Managed Facilities

  • Well Managed Facilities

    Ranging from R&D to full scale production units

  • Upstream Technology

    Media Optimization, Fermentation Upscaling

  • Downstream Technology

    Spray Drying, Lyophilisation, Separation

  • Partner IP Protection

    Good track record of long fruitful partnerships

In the past we have partnered with companies for

  • Strain Development

    Ranging from R&D to full scale production units

  • Peptide / intermediary production for pharmaceuticals companies
  • Microbial food ingredients / Flavors / Fragrances
  • Any project requiring fermentation capacity + expertise

If you would like to work with us as a distributor or wish to purchase our product
please contact us on –