SPORICH- total

Sporich- Total is a full-spectrum cocktail of extremely effective proprietary, non-haemolytic and non-GMO probiotic strains, providing a wide range of gut support by colonizing across the complete digestive tract. Each of the probiotic strains in Sporich- Total possesses a unique health benefit and works synergistically to deliver maximum Return on Investment.

Key Benefits:
  • Highly effective against gut pathogens, induces eubiosis.
  • Improves digestability and enhance nutrient absorption.
  • Increases performances, improves FCR and reduces mortality.
  • Reduces incidences of wet litter and ammonia production.
Application Guidelines:
FEED Application:
  • To ensure proper mixing and uniform distribution of probiotic strains add the recommended quantity of Sporich-Total through multilevel mixing instead of direct addition in feed.
  • Ensure to use the product completely once bag is opened.
  • Not recommended in pellet feed.
Water Application:
  • Prepare stock solution by slowly adding recommended quantity of Sporich-Total in 2 litres of water under constant stirring.
  • Add this stock solution to the drinking water demand of 1000 birds/100 piglets/50 pigs.
  • Avoid using Sporich- Total along with sanitizer.
  • Use the stock solution immediately after preparation
Field Trials:

Use of Sporich- Total in feed throughout the layer/breeder life cycles ensures overall improvement in zootechnical parameters and significant ROI.