Patented Probiotic Combination

SNZ Tribac

  • SNZ TriBac is a patented probiotic combination, which contains Bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969®, Bacillus clausii SNZ 1971™, and Bacillus subtilis SNZ 1972™. It’s a unique combination of three spore forming probiotic strains that has been clinically studied for digestive benefits.


  • SNZ TriBac™, this multistrain probiotic blend is very safe for human consumption
  • It has been scientifically formulated to provide maximum benefits. Some key features:

  • Each strain has been individually studied for safety and has GRAS status.
  • The growth of Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus clausii, and Bacillus subtilis is better when they are combined due to a synergistic effect, which provides optimal growth conditions for the probiotic strains, as opposed to their individual growth.
  • The combination of probiotics in SNZ TriBac™ was consistently found to be more effective in digesting complex vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods in laboratory conditions than in individual strains.
  • In a randomised, placebo controlled, and double blind Clinical trail on SNZ TriBac™, subjects in the treatment group reported greater relief from symptoms associated with Gastrointestinal discomfort including burping/belching, bloating, and sour taste in comparison with placebo group.

SNZ TriBac is shelf and process stable and can be used in a wide variety of formulations.

  • Highly resilient to acidic pH
  • Does not require cold chain
  • Shelf stable for 2 years

Unlimited Innovation Opportunity

Proven Stability in a
multiple application formats







Clinical Reference

  • A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of SNZ TriBac, a three-strain Bacillus probiotic blend for undiagnosed gastrointestinal discomfort

    Raunak Jay Soman & Malisetty Venkat Swamy International Journal of Colorectal Disease Clinical and Molecular Gastroenterology and Surger

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