• 01What is Sporlac™ that is referenced in many Bacillus coagulans studies?

    Sporlac is one of the oldest probiotic products anywhere in the world. It contains Bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969™ and our product has been sold in the paediatric market and is being sold in India for nearly 50 years. It is a brand that has been marketed by Sanzyme.

    Over 8 million prescriptions are generated for the brand Sporlac annually only in India, primarily in the paediatric segment.

  • 02Is SNZ1969™ the same as Sporlac?

    Sporlac contains Bacillus coagulans SNZ1969™ and has from the very beginning. No strain can match our history of use and our safety profile associated with the strain.

  • 03Does Sanzyme Biologics produce all of their own probiotics?

    Yes. Sanzyme Biologics produces all of our own probiotics in house in our 5 different manufacturing facilities located in Hyderabad, India. All of the technology has been developed indigenously by our dedicated team of scientists who absolutely love probiotics!

  • 04Can we use spore formers in food formulations?

    The addition of spores to food necessitates the probiotics need to survive all of the harsh processing conditions and be alive and healthy to be delivered post processing. We have developed a variety of stabilization techniques to allow our bacteria to withstand many manufacturing processes making it ideal for incorporation into foods, drinks, and powders.

    We are happy to work with you to help you develop your functional foods!

  • 05Why should I pick probiotic strains from Sanzyme Biologics?

    All probiotic strains are not created equal. A lot of time and effort goes into developing a new strain and we have been doing this for nearly 50 years. All of our strains are very well characterized, are guaranteed to be stable and have an extensive safety profile associated with the strain.

    We ensure all of our strains are:

    Properly identified up to a strain level using a combination of phenotypic and genotypic tests
    Deposited in an international repository for culture collection with a unique number
    Tested extensively to study the potential of the strains, including various benefits that could be conferred by the strains
    Have acute and sub chronic toxicity data

  • 06Do you allow customers to add your strain number to their label?

    Please contact us at probioticexports@sanzymebiologics.com for more information on how you can add our strain name on your label.

  • 07I have my own probiotic/enzymes/metabolite, will you be able to exclusively manufacture it for me?

    Yes. This is a service that we offer, and are currently doing for some customers all around the world and would be happy to discuss the possibility of developing processes and manufacturing your product.Please contact us a probioticexports@sanzymebiologics.com and someone from our team will be in touch with you.

  • 08Are your probiotic strains GRAS?

    Our Bacillus Coagulans SNZ 1969™ has been granted GRAS status by the USFDA. In addition our Bacillus Subtilis SNZ 1972 and Bacillus Clausii SNZ 1971 are GRAS Approved.

  • 09Can I get probiotics that are suitable for Vegans/Halal/Kosher?

    Our Bacillus coagulans SNZ1969™, Bacillus subtilis SNZ1972, Bacillus clausii SNZ1971 and Saccharomyces boulardii are all manufactured to be Kosher, Halal and safe for vegans to consume. The fact that we do in-house fermentation, separation and blending allows us to ensure that allergens / undesirables are not included in the product.