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food & supplements

Food & Supplements

Scientifically studied, well documented shelf and process stable probiotic strains for a wide range of applications



Probiotic formulations designed to enhance performance and restore healthy gut function



Probiotic strains and metabolites for use as API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

pet food

Pet Food

Scientifically studied probiotic formulation for supporting digestive health of companion animals



Microbial solutions and synergistic blends for sustainable aquaculture and pond ecology

agriculture & environment

Environment & Agriculture

Environmentally friendly solutions to manage contaminants, pollutants and toxins in soil and water

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probiotic strains

Probiotic Strains

We are pioneers in probiotic manufacturing, offering science backed, well-researched, effective and safe probiotic strains

probiotic strains

Enzymes and Nutritional Ingredients

Fermentation Produced Enzyme & Metabolites for food, supplement and pharmaceutical application

Contract Research & Manufacturing

Leveraging our fermentation expertise of over five decades, we actively collaborate as technology and marketing partners


News and Blogs

We cordially invite you to join us at booth #J20 during Vita Foods Europe #vitafoodseurope, where we will be engrossed in enriching discussions highlighting the numerous advantages of cutting-edge probiotics in enhancing gut health, oral health, digestive health, and women’s health. Your presence at this event would be eagerly anticipated and deeply valued!

We extend a warm invitation to visit booth #40B60 at CPHI Frankfurt #CPHI, where we will be immersed in enlightening conversations on the benefits of advanced probiotics in improving gut health, oral health, digestive health and women health. Your presence at the event would be highly anticipated and greatly appreciated!

We’re excited to invite you to booth #47777 at Supply Side West #SSW, where we’ll be engaging in insightful discussions about the advantages of next-generation probiotics in enhancing gut health. We eagerly await your presence at the event!

Join us at booth #C81 for the FiHi India event where we’ll discuss the benefits of next-generation probiotics in promoting gut health. We can’t wait to see you there!