With ever increasing demand for fresh, safe and cost-effective sources of animal protein, the world will increasingly rely on aquaculture to meet this demand. As is the case with all food production, aquaculture is facing challenges related to sustainability, health and profitability. Understanding the challenges with our experience and understanding of probiotics, Sanzyme Biologics is dedicated to developing probiotic solutions to improve the health of the farmed species, aid in the removal of harmful compounds from the food ecosystem and help our partner farmers achieve their financial goals. As a part of this effort, we have developed formulations and probiotic strain blends suited to fish and shrimp aquaculture.

Sanzyme Biologics is an expert in microbial products & solutions and offers a complete range of products/ solutions for sustainable and profitable aquaculture. We have a dedicated team of aquaculture experts who assist the farmers with knowledge and information about the product usage, dosage calculation, and product recommendations. Our microbial solutions are suitable for all aquatic species including shrimp, salmon, trout, tilapia, carps (rohu, katla and mrigal carp).

Application Support Services

Highly skilled application team offering all essential and preliminary efforts needed on new product development and R&D project trails using extensive knowledge and vast experience. We pride ourselves on giving Application support to our partners in various aspects during product development:
• Market Sample Analysis for probiotics
• Finished Formulation Analysis for probiotics

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