Uni Clear is combination of highly effective photosynthetic bacteria which is a flagship product of Sanzyme Biologics used in Aquaculture. Uni Clear has a proprietary blend of Rhodococcus species and Rhodobacter. The product is studied for its benefits and performance in aquaculture in both the lab and field. More than 500 MT of the product is used in 6 countries with consistent results.


The organic load formed because of unutilized feed, excessive feed, fecal matter, molted exoskeleton and dead algae, which are rich in proteins and carbohydrates settles at the pond bottom deteriorating the pond bottom by production of noxious gases and hydrogen sulphide. The deteriorated pond bottom induces the growth of harmful algae which produced toxins and consume more Dissolved Oxygen (DO). This condition causes stress of the cultured species and hinders the growth and survival of the shrimps.

UNI CLEAR Liquid Porbiotic
Key Benefits:
  • Uni Clear Effectively reduces the black soil.
  • Clears the organic matter in the water.
Lab Trial:
  • Reduction of organic loads in the pond water
  • 2 tanks with 5 lt of pond water is taken for trial.
  • Initial total dissolved solids (TDS) were measured.
  • A dose of 3 L / acre was calculated and applied in test tank.
  • After 48 hours of application the samples were tested for TDS. The same was repeated in 72 hours.
  • The 72 hours results were considered as final results.

The results clearly indicates the reduction of total dissolved solids in the water thus, the organic load of the pond water also decreased. The reduction in organic load facilitates the proliferation of beneficial phytoplanktons in the pond water.

Total Dissolved solids Test Control
Before application 6000 6000
24 hours after application 4500 6200
48 hours after application 4000 6500
72 hours after application 3500 6800
Field Trial:
  • Reduction of organic load in the pond water.
  • Increase in the transparancy of the pond water.

2 earthen shrimp ponds (2 ha/pond) with a depth of 1-1.5 m were stocked with juvenile shrimp (approximately 1.4 g/shrimp) at a density of 50 shrimp/m² in which our product Uni-Clear applied in one pond and one pond kept as a control. A dose of 2 L / acre was calculated and applied in the test tank.


Based on the results the organic load present in the water is considerably reduced as the level of total dissolved solids has reduced. The same is indicated by the increase in the transparency of water and reduction of harmful phytoplanktons.

Total Dissolved Solids Before Application After Application
Test 3000 1500
Control 3500 3560


Transparency of water

Transparency of Water in Cms Before Application After Application
Before Application 10 20
After Application 15 10