Uni Max

Uni Max is an effective feed supplement which is a flagship product of Sanzyme Biologics used in aquaculture. Uni Max is a combination of probiotics, vitamins and enzymes. It has been studied for its benefits and performance in aquaculture and in field trials. More than 15 tonnes of the product is applied in 6 countries with consistent results.

Pathogenic bacteria enters the shrimp through oral route and harbour the hepatopancreas and gut. These harboured pathogens cause digestive disorders, infections and causes stress by which the growth of the shrimps and sometimes mortality happens which yields to monetary losses to farmers.

Key Benefits:
  • Uni Max acidifies the gut of the shrimp / fish and prevents the growth of pathogens like Clostridia, E coli, Salmonella, Vibrio sp and Streptococci.
  • Uni Max is capable of releasing enzymes like amylase, phytase, lipase, cellulase and  beta gluconase in substantial quantities to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Uni Max converts unavailable phosphorus into available phosphorus to enable digestion / assimilation.
  • Uni Max helps in digestion of fiber present in the feed to maintain proper collagen synthesis and maintaining firm cell membrane, prevent loose shell.
  • Uni Max optimizes the immune system by increasing their resistance to disease.
  • Uni Max vitamins prevents the metabolic disorders, Vitamin C improve weight gain and helps to fight stress.
Field Trial:
  • Reduction of Vibrio loads in the hepatopancreas of shrimps.
  • Increase in the feed intake of shrimps.
  • 2 earthen ponds were taken with 1 ha each and has a stocking density of 75 pcs / M2.
  • 10 g / kg of feed was administered in the feed with an appropriate binder in the test tank.
  • The shrimps were analysed for Vibrio load in the hepatopancreas before the start of the trial.
  • After continous application till 4 days the infected shrimps were analysed for the final Vibrio load in the hepatopancreas.

The results indicates the reduction of pathogenic Vibrio loads inside the hepatopancreas of the infected shrimps. Also the feed intake was observed to be increased when in comparison with the control tank.

Trial Results for parameter 1:

Vibrio loads in Hepato pancreas Before Application After Application
Test 80 10
Control 80 80

Trial results for parameter 2:

Feed intake per meal Before Application After Application
Test 30 40
Control 30 30