Sanero Ammonox

Sanero Ammonox is a synergistic blend of carefully selected probiotic sp which are capable of nitrification and denitrification activities. Sanero Ammonox is a flag ship product of Sanzyme Biologics which is used in Aquaculture. It has beed studied for its benefits and performance in aquaculture in lab and field trials. More than 15 tonnes of the product is applied in 6 countries with consistent performance.

Shrimp feed is rich in protein content, when the left over feed, digested feed in the form of fecal matter and dead planktons accumulates in the pond environment the proteins degrades to form the nitrogenous compounds. The nitrogenous compounds are in the form of ammonia and nitrites which interfere in the oxygen displacement in water and affect the shrimp haemolymph in interfering the oxygen displacement leading to respiratory diseases and creates mass mortality in the shrimps causing heavy monetary losses to the farmers.

Key Benefits:
  • Sanero Ammonox speedups the denitrification cycle and converts the noxoius gases to harmless nitrogen products.
  • Sanero Ammonox precipitates the ammonia and gives an instant relief from the stress.
  • Sanero Ammonox absorbs H2S, ammonia and nitrites.
  • Sanero Ammonox probiotics improves the water quality and maintains the pH of the pond.
  • Sanero Ammonox reduces the ammonia toxicity in the gut when administered in feed.
  • Sanero Ammonox acts as a feed supplement in enhancing the growth of the cultured species and improves the growth of beneficial planktons.
Sanero Ammonox
Lab Trial:
  • Reduction of Ammonia in pond water.
  • Reduction of nitrites in pond water.
  • 2 tanks of 5 Lt saline water is taken for trial.
  • Ammonia and nitrites were artificially induced in to the system at a level of 1.2 ppm of total ammonia and 0.5 ppm of nitrite.
  • A dose of 1 lit / acre was calculated and applied in the test tank.
  • No addition of the product was done in control tank.
  • After 48 hours of application of the product the samples were drawn for the ammonia and nitrite reduction.
  • The 72 hours samples were considered as final results of the product.

The results have indicated the reduction of ammonia and nitrites in the test tank when compared with the control tanks.

Ammonia Lab trial

Time durationTestControl
Before application1.21.2
48 hours after application0.71.5
72 hours after application0.32








Nitrites Lab trial

Time durationTestControl
Before application0.50.5
48 hours after application0.30.6
72 hours after application0.10.8
Field Trial:
  • Reduction of Ammonia in pond water
  • Reduction of nitrites in pond water.

Two earthen shrimp ponds (1.5 acre/pond) with a depth of 1-1.2 m were stocked with juvenile shrimp  at a density of 75 shrimp/m² in which our product Sanero Ammonox applies in one pond  and  one pond kept as a control. A dose of 1 L per acre was calculated and applied to the test pond.

Trial Parameters:
  • Monitoring of ammonia level before and after application of the product. Tolerable limit of ammonia is Total Ammonia <1.0 ppm & Free Ammonia <0.1 ppm.
  • Monitoring of Nitrites level before and after application of the product. Tolerable limit of Nitrite is below 0.25 ppm

Results show that total ammonia of the pond reduced after 72 h of inoculation of Sanero Ammonox in comparison with the control pond. Among the pond that are inoculated with Sanero Ammonox had reduced nitrites  as compared with the control trial pond.

Ammonia Trial:

Before ApplicationAfter Application








Nitrite Trial :

Before ApplicationAfter Application