Uni Ecosense

Uni Ecosense is a synergistic blend of 6 probiotic strains which is a flagship product of Sanzyme Biologics used in Aquaculture. Uni Ecosense contains a proprietary blend of 6 Bacillus species. It has been studied for its benefits and performance in aquaculture in both the lab and field trials. More than 50 tonnes of the product is applied in 6 countries with consistent results.

Water quality and disease free environment is the key factor for successful shrimp culture. Organic waste accumulation due to the left over feed, fecal matter and dead planktons contributes to the proliferation of pathogenic microbes like Vibrio sp. Vibrio sp are the common bacterial species which are found in large quantities that can cause septicemia and affect the digestive system of the shrimps which is collectively called as Vibriosis. The high loads of Vibrio leads to severe infections which will evoke mass mortalities in the farmed communities leading to heavy monetary losses.

Key Benefits:
  • Uni Ecosense produces a variety of anti bacterial substances which effectively controls Vibrio loads in water.
  • Uni Ecosense produces enzymes like amylase, protease, lipase and cellulase which digests the organic waste that is food for harmful phytoplanktons thus encouraging the beneficial phytoplanktons of the pond water and also maintains the water pH and alkalinity.
Uni Ecosense Probiotics
Lab Trial:
  • Reduction of Vibrio loads in water.
  • 2 tanks of 5 Lt saline water is taken for trial.
  • 20 ml of Vibrio culture (124 X 10CFU / ml) is added to each tank.
  • 24 hours after the application of Vibrio culture the sample is applied to the test tank.
  • 300 gms per acre dose is calculated and  applied in test tank except control.
  • Before application of the product, the water samples are drawn for initial Vibrio count.
  • After 48 hours of the product application the water samples are drawn for Vibrio count. The same is repeated for 72 hours and 96 hours.
  • The 96 hours samples are the final results of the product.

The results clearly indicate the reduction of Vibrio loads in the test tank when compared to the control.

Vibrio Loads CFU / ml Test Control
Before application 5000 CFU / ml 5040 CFU / ml
48 hours after application 4800 CFU / ml 5100 CFU / ml
72 hours after application 2000 CFU / ml 5250 CFU / ml
96 hours after application 1160 CFU / ml 5500 CFU / ml
Field Trial:
  • Reduction of Vibrio loads in water.
  • Density of phytoplankton before and after application of the product.

2 earthen ponds with 0.5 a / pond with stocking density of 75 pcs / Mwere taken for trial, in which one pond was applied with Uni Ecosense and another was used as a control. The dosage of 300 g / acre was calculated and applied to the test pond.

Trial Parameters:
  • Vibrio sp. Analysis before and after application of the product. The maximum limit is Green colonies below 100 CFU/ml.
  • Density of phytoplankton before and after application of the product. Density of Phytoplanktons is measured by Secchi disk method.

Results show the pond that was inoculated with Uni Ecosense had reduced Vibrio sp. Loads, as compared to the control trial pond. Also, the transparency of the water had increased which indicates the reduction of harmful phytoplankton and proliferation of beneficial phytoplanktons.

Trial Parameter 1:

Vibrio Loads CFU / ml Before Application After Application
Test 110 30
Control 110 20









Trial Parameter 2:

Transparency of Water in Cms Before Application After Application
Test 10 20
Control 15 10