Uni Nutrich Plus is a unique blend of  trace mineral, vitamins and probiotics which is a flagship product of Sanzyme Biologics used in aquaculture. It has been studied for its benefits and performance in both the lab and field trials. More than 250 MT of the product is applied in 6 countries with consistent results.


Marine shrimp are traditionally cultured in coastal or estuarine waters with salinities ranging from 15 to 40 ppt. However, in shrimp farming  Pacific white leg shrimps are successfully cultured in low to medium saline waters (0 to 10 ppt) from irrigation drains, rivers etc. Depending on their source, waters available for shrimp culture are of different salinities, and therefore possess different ionic composition. Such low saline waters may require supplementation of minerals to achieve desired productivity.


Minerals have many physiological functions to maintain acid–base balance and are important in osmoregulation. Among major minerals, calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) are considered to be very important for molting and new shell formation.


Some minerals are required in considerable quantities and termed Macro-elements while others which are required in lesser amounts are referred to as Micro-elements (Trace Minerals). The micro elements (Trace Minerals) have a greater role in shrimp nutrition along with other minerals for healthy shrimp/fish body and better production.

UNI Nutrich Plus
Key Benefits:
  • Helps in molting and shell formation.
  • Protects against mineral deficiency diseases.
  • Helps in shrimp growth in fresh water.
  • Provides shell firmness and weight gain.
  • Reduces stress from salinity changes.
Field Trial:
  • Reduction of muscle cramps in the shrimps.
  • To determine the weight gain.

2 earthen shrimp ponds (2 A / pond) with a depth of 1-1.2 m were stocked with juvenile shrimp at a density of 75 shrimp/m² in which our product Uni Nutrich Plus applied in one pond (T1) and one with control.

Trial parameters:
  • To evaluate the reduction in number of muscle cramps shrimps.
  • To evaluate the weight gain in the shrimps after molting.

Results clearly indicates the recovery of shrimps from muscle cramps and increase in weight gain was also observed when in comparison with the control.


Trial Parameter 1:

Muscle cramps Before Application After Application
Test 150 25
Control 150 150







Trial Parameter 2:

Weight gain in gms Before Application After Application
Test 7.5 10
Control 7.5 8