Human Health & Wellness

Sanzyme Biologics manufactures the finest quality probiotic strains for global food, supplements and pharmaceutical applications backed with sound scientific studies, documentation and applications support. We work in partnership with our customers to deliver scientifically proven health and wellness benefits for improving the quality of life through our probiotic solutions in their product formulations.

We are aware of the fact that our customers and their customers do have options. We have a unique combination of five decades of expertise in fermentation technology, state of-art manufacturing facilities and highly skilled human resources with rich experience. We stand apart from the rest and are committed to adding value to your business in the best possible way we can.

One size doesn’t fit all, hence our probiotics solutions are versatile and tailor made to suit your unique requirements. We specialise in the manufacture of shelf and process stable probiotic strains and have mastered the science of formulating the same in a wide variety of delivery matrices. Our proprietary fermentation technology has originated in Japan and evolved to perfection over five decades, ensuring our customers of probiotic strains which are of consistent quality, allergen free and free from any components of animal origin. Sanzyme biologics has one of the highest fermentation capacities (200,000L) for probiotic strain production in multiple locations to ensure a reliable supply to our customers.