Contract Research & Manufacturing

We take pride in working with technology and Research partners to develop innovative product and technology solutions. We have immense experience and expertise in fermentation process, strain development, recombinant technologies, which is why our clients entrust us with a wide range of R&D activities while protecting their own intellectual property.

Any project requiring fermentation capacity + expertise

We can take the project and product to full-scale commercial production. At Sanzyme Biologics, we have facility from lab to pilot plant to commercial-scale microbial fermentation, to take your products from microliters to metric tons and supply around any corner of the world. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to scale up the microbial fermentations we have developed in the lab with high throughput, accuracy, and purity.

Leverage our expertise and research to drive your innovation. Partner with us

Strain/Yeast Development

Enzymes and other metabolites

Peptide / intermediary production for pharmaceuticals companies

Microbial food ingredients / Flavors / Fragrances