Hyderabad, 24th March 2021, Among various drug and dietary supplement manufacturers and consumers, the Non-GMO project verification seal is the most trusted label, providing assurance that the products has completed a rigorous, unbiased evaluation for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard.

After scrupulous testing of its raw material sourcing and manufacturing, Sanzyme Biologics Ltd has achieved NON-GMO certification, strengthening its position as a committed and trusted manufacturer of excellent quality probiotics. All its four major probiotics strains, which are, Bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969TMBacillus clausii SNZ 1971Bacillus subtilis SNZ 1972 and Saccharomyces boualrdii SNZ 1986 now carry the Non- GMO project verified seal.

Dr. Raunak Soman, Executive Director at Sanzyme Biologics says, “Sanzyme Biologics is a pioneer in biotechnology industry with over five decades of fermentation experience. It is India’s first probiotics manufacturer and has always strived to achieve greater heights in its manufacturing technology. As consumers become more aware and informed about what they consume and are looking for products that are safe, it became imperative for Sanzyme Biologics to acquire the NON GMO seal to reconfirm its commitment to building a transparent and sustainable probiotic manufacturing ecosystem. Sanzyme Biologics is committed to detailed and precise specifications for its probiotics as a quality ingredient.”

Sanzyme Biologics is a 50-year-old biotechnology company based in Hyderabad, India. It specializes in the production of spore forming probiotic bacteria. Sanzyme’s best-studied probiotic product is Bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969™. SNZ 1969 is a well-studied and documented strain with 20+ Clinical Trials and multiple regulatory approvals (FDA GRAS, Infant GRAS, EFSA QPS, Health Canada, FSSAI and others). It is currently sold and used in 30+ countries including USA, Italy, Canada, Australia and Japan.

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