Sanzyme Biologics has received FAMI-QS certificate for implementing and maintaining a feed management system including good manufacturing practices in line with the FAMI-QS code.

FAMI-QS covers all feed ingredients and additives intended for animals as per European Regulation on feed hygiene, which Sanzyme Biologics has implemented and followed at their plant situated at Genome Valley in Hyderabad.

The company has worked for a number of years with some of the most established players in the animal feed industry to supply probiotics for their animal feed requirement supplying both, the companies’ own strains and formulations, as well as acting as a contract manufacturer for their strains. The FAMI-QS certification reaffirms the excellence for feed safety procedure at their world-class probiotic production facility.

Sanzyme Biologics is a specialized probiotic producer producing more than 30+ strains for its own products and for clients abroad. The company has a strong portfolio of sales in aquaculture with more than 25% market share in the Indian shrimp aquaculture markets. In addition to its own strains (including various Bacillus species, and yeasts), the company also acts as a CMO and CRO for companies looking to develop and produce their own probiotic strain to meet market needs.

FAMI-QS link is available here (Sanzyme Biologics (P) Limited FAM-1224): View Certification

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